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This section will guide you through searching for various geospatial data using the Catalog. On the left sidebar, two labels are displayed next to the images: Purchase and Processing.

The Purchase label (in green) returns only scenes available for purchasing and downloading via Storage. These images originate from all types of storage: long-term archive and online archive. The available data sources that can be purchased are displayed in the table below.

Data source
SPOT 6/7

The Processing label (in blue) returns images that can be used for downloading or further combined with a processing algorithm in workflows. These images originate from the online archive. The available data sources are displayed in the table below.

Data source
SPOT 6/7

For Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 data sources, more images have the label Purchase than Processing, since this category includes images from the long-term archive (LTA).

Long-term archive and online archive

The differences between the long-term archive and online archive are described in the table below.

Archive typeDescriptionIncidence angleProcessing levelCloud cover
Long-term archivecomplete Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 image collectionallReflectance0-100%
Online archive (Living Library)a selection of Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 images acquired less than 2 years ago< 30°Reflectance< 15% (Pléiades) < 25% (SPOT 6/7)

Using the catalog to search for images

To access the catalog, please follow the steps below.

Go to the Catalog, where you can either upload your Area of Interest or draw a new AOI.

Catalog Top Nav
Click on the Catalog icon from the UP42 menu bar

2. Upload/Draw AOI

Draw AOI
Draw AOI
Upload AOI
Upload AOI

3. Filters

After uploading/drawing the AOI, you can adjust the following filters: Date, Cloud Coverage, Usage Type and Data Source. In this case, the Usage Type is set to Purchase.

DateAcquisition date of the geospatial dataset.
Cloud CoveragePercentage of clouds covering a dataset (valid only for optical images).
Usage TypePurchase (download and further process with third-party tools) or Processing (integrate into UP42 workflows)
Data SourceHigh, Medium or Low resolution.

4. Search Results

Search Results
In the left sidebar, the list of available images is displayed.

Congratulations! You successfully searched for images in the Catalog. To proceed with ordering images, please refer to the article Ordering.