Step 3. Review feasibility

The Operations team will assess the order feasibility, and you can review and accept the assessments.

1. Review feasibility study options

After an order is placed, the Operations team will conduct a feasibility study. They will evaluate the tasking parameters with the provider, and then will present the following assessments:

  • The order is possible with the given parameters.
  • The order requires modifications with suitable options proposed.

You will receive an email notifying you when your order feasibility has been assessed.

To get a list of feasibility studies for all tasking orders, call the Get feasibility studies for tasking orders endpoint. Check the content.options.description field for clarification on how the provided feasibility options are different from each other. Retrieve the ID of the option you want to proceed with.

2. Accept an option

To accept one of the proposed feasibility study options, call the Choose a feasibility study option endpoint with the feasibility option ID as the path parameter. You can only perform actions with feasibility studies with the NOT_DECIDED status.

You can later check the accepted option in the content.decisionOption object of the Get feasibility studies for tasking orders endpoint’s response.