Step 2. Monitor processing jobs

Monitor the status of your processing jobs.

Job monitoring

To get a list of all jobs, call the Get processing jobs endpoint.

To check on a specific order, call the Get a processing job with the job ID as the path parameter.

Job statuses

createdThe job has been created, but not yet accepted.
validThe job has been validated.
acceptedThe job has been validated and accepted. The credits corresponding to the price are temporarily withheld until the job is completed.
invalidThe job has failed validation. Fix your input parameters and try again.
rejectedThe job has been canceled due to insufficient account balance. Top up your account balance and try again.
runningThe job is in progress.
successfulThe job has been completed, and the results have been delivered to your storage.
capturedThe job has been completed, the results have been delivered to your storage, and any withheld credits have been deducted from your account balance.
releasedThe job has failed. Any withheld credits have been released. Try again, and if the issue persists, contact support.
failedThe job has permanently failed.