Step 4. Monitor orders

Monitor the status of your orders.

Order monitoring

To learn about the timeframe of catalog orders, see Asset delivery time.

To get a list of all orders, call the Get orders endpoint.

To check on a specific order, call the Get an order endpoint with the order ID as the path parameter.

Order statuses

CREATEDThe order has been created, but not yet placed.
PLACEMENT_FAILEDAn error occurred while placing the order. Please wait until it is resolved.
BEING_PLACEDThe order is being placed.
PLACEDThe order has been placed.
BEING_FULFILLEDThe order is in progress. Some assets may already be delivered to your storage.
An error occurred while delivering the order assets. Please wait until it is resolved.
DOWNLOADEDThe order assets are being delivered to your storage.
FULFILLEDThe order is complete, and all assets have been delivered to your storage.
FAILED_PERMANENTLYThe order has permanently failed or has been canceled.