Catalog ordering overview

Learn about the steps for placing catalog orders using the API.

Catalog data are images that have been captured in the past and are available for immediate purchase.

Step 2. Preview data

Some data hosts provide free, low-resolution images of data that you can view before placing an order.

Step 3. Request access

If you are ordering from a collection for the first time, you need to complete access steps.

Step 4. Estimate price

Before placing a catalog order, you can estimate the price in the number of UP42 credits for a specific product.

Step 5. Place an order

Fill out the order form with the required parameters for the data product and create an order.

After an order is fulfilled, you can access your storage to view and download the delivered assets.

  1. See all assets from the order and get their asset IDs.
GET /v2/assets?search={orderId} HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {token}
  1. Download these assets one by one.
GET /v2/assets/{asset-id} HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer {token}