Data delivery

Download assets using the API.


After the order is successful, the datasets will be delivered in Storage. In this guide, you will learn how to download assets.

Download data

  1. Before downloading assets, you need to identify the asset ID for your previously placed orders. This can be done with the following command:
curl -L -s -X GET $order_url -H "Authorization: Bearer $PTOKEN" \
| jq -r '.data.orders[] | .id + " : " + .assets[]'
  1. Get the assets associated to your placed orders and check status:
curl -L -s -X GET $order_url -H "Authorization: Bearer $PTOKEN" \
| jq -r '.data.orders[] | select(.id=="6e06915e-bfe8-4e3f-a0f3-ded9ed7279f9") | .assets[] + " : " + .status'
  1. The endpoint for viewing an asset is defined as variable asset_url:

To find your workspace ID, please follow the instructions from the article Workspaces.

  1. View information of a single asset:
curl -s -L GET$workspace_id/assets/$asset \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $PTOKEN" | jq '.' > asset_information.json
  1. Download a single asset as a ZIP archive:
asset_data_URL=$(curl -s -L GET$workspace_id/assets/$asset/downloadUrl \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $PTOKEN" | jq -j '.data.url')
curl -s -L $asset_data_URL -H "Authorization: Bearer $PTOKEN" -o

By following this guide, you managed to view the list of available collections and data products, perform a search for your set of requirements (preferred area of interest, search interval and quality criteria), estimate the costs, place an order and download catalog data.