Very high resolution SAR imagery acquired every two weeks on a global basis.


TerraSAR-X imagery is acquired by two high resolution radar satellites (TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X) every 11 days anywhere on the globe.

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TerraSAR-X image
TerraSAR-X image

Product information

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

Location of interest type

This collection accepts AOIs. You will get full scenes intersecting the defined AOI.

General specifications

Azimuth resolutionSpotLight: High resolution (2 m)
Staring SpotLight: Very high resolution (0.25 m)
StripMap: Medium resolution (3 m)
ScanSAR: Medium resolution (18.50 m)
Wide ScanSAR: Low resolution (40 m)
High Resolution SpotLight: High resolution (1 m)
High Resolution SpotLight 300 MHz: High resolution (1 m)
Sensor typeRadar
Acquisition modeStaring SpotLight
High Resolution SpotLight
High Resolution SpotLight 300 MHz
Wide ScanSAR
Processing levelSingle Look Slant Range Complex (SSC)
Multi Look Ground Range Detected (MGD)
Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected (GEC)
Ascending/Descending Merge (ADM)
Delivery formatCOSAR
Revisit frequencyFrom 2 to 11 days
Catalog data availabilityFrom 2007
Incidence angleFrom 15° to 60°
Spectral bandsX-band (9.65 GHz)
PolarizationSingle HH
Single VV
Dual (HH and VV)
Orbit directionsAscending
Bit depth per pixel16-bit
Coordinate reference systemEPSG:4326

Product formats

Processing levelDelivery format
Single Look Slant Range Complex (SSC)COSAR
Multi Look Ground Range Detected (MGD)GeoTIFF
Geocoded Ellipsoid Corrected (GEC)GeoTIFF
Enhanced Ellipsoid Corrected (EEC)GeoTIFF


Acquisition modeScene size
SpotLight10 × 10 km
Staring SpotLight4 × 3.7 km
StripMapFrom 30 × 50 km to 30 × 1650 km
ScanSARFrom 100 × 150 km to 100 × 1650 km
Wide ScanSARFrom 270 × 200 km to 270 × 1500 km
High Resolution SpotLight10 × 5 km
High Resolution SpotLight 300 MHz10 × 5 km

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