High resolution 70 cm optical imagery captured four times a day on a global basis.


Satellogic imagery is captured by a constellation of more than 30 NewSat satellites up to four times a day anywhere on the globe.

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A Satellogic image of Fukushima nuclear power plant (Japan)
A Satellogic image of Fukushima nuclear power plant (Japan)

Product information

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage is global.

Location of interest type

This collection accepts AOIs and POIs:

  • If you order an AOI, you will get imagery clipped to the defined AOI.
  • If you order a POI, you will get a full scene centered on the defined POI.

General specifications

Spatial resolutionHigh resolution (0.70 m, SuperResolution)
High resolution (1 m, Basic)
Sensor typeOptical
Acquisition modeMono
Processing levelL1 Analytics
L3 Visual
Delivery formatGeoTIFF
Revisit frequency4 revisits per day
Scene size5 × 10 km
Swath width5 km (at nadir)
Incidence angleUp to 25° (off-nadir)
Spectral bandsBlue 450–510 nm
Green 510–580 nm
Red 590–690 nm
Near-infrared 750–900 nm
Georeferencing accuracy10 m CE90
Bit depth per pixel8-bit
Coordinate reference systemUTM-WGS84


AOI sizeFrom 50 km2

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