Data ordering

Order and purchase geospatial datasets for your area of interest.


In this guide, you will learn how to order Pléiades Neo, Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 images available for your area of interest using the catalog. The ordering process and the delivery time depend on the image archive type (long-term or online archive).

You can also follow the steps from the video tutorial Create workflow (commercial data).


View image details

After drawing your AOI and adjusting the search filters, the left panel displays a list of available image results. Click on a result to see the details for the selected image. Click on the image thumbnail to view the image preview.

ordering hover result
View image details

The image preview is a lower-resolution version of the original image and is displayed for the entire image scene, not for your AOI extent. Image previews help users perform a general visual inspection and evaluate the overall cloud cover.

Please note that the search results display images that intersect the AOI.


In the Image Details panel of your selected image, go to the tab Configure. This tab enables you to choose the image type you want to order. In this case, we select the image type Analytic.

Click Add to Cart.

catalog select analytic
Image details and configuration

Depending on the data product, the image types might vary.

End User License Agreements

Within the Configure tab, at the bottom left side, the End User License Agreement (EULA) has to be accepted before accessing the data.

catalog select eula
Accepting EULA

Please review the EULA of the data of interest before accepting. For more information, please check the EULA section in our FAQ.

View cart

After adding an image to the cart, the cart will automatically open so you can review the previously added images.

View cart
View selected images in the cart

For each item in the cart, you can visualize the preview of the selected image(s), remove from cart, go back to the catalog, or see the estimated price intersecting your AOI.

Cart overview
Examine the selected images in the cart

Please note that only the segment of the image that intersects your AOI will be considered in the pricing, not the entire AOI.


In the cart, click the checkout button to proceed to the order summary. Please note that you are not charged at this step.

ordering checkout
Order checkout

Order summary

The order summary provides a final breakdown of your order including your chosen images and their credit amount, the order total and your account balance information.

ordering order summary
Order summary

Place the order

Placing an order is irreversible and it cannot be reverted. If you want to proceed with purchasing the images, click on Order.

Ordering is performed under the following conditions:

  • If the user has sufficient credits, the order is placed and the credits are held.
  • If the order is successful, the credits are deducted from the account credit balance.
  • If the order fails, the credits are returned to the account credit balance.

The images will be delivered after a few minutes (online archive) or in 24 hours (long-term archive).

ordering order confirmation
Order information

Please note that ordering has a minimum AOI size of 0.1 km2. Smaller AOIs will lead to order failure.

To proceed, please go to Data delivery.