Data discovery

Discover geospatial datasets and select the data that suits your needs.


This section will guide you through discovering and searching for commercial geospatial datasets using the catalog user interface. The catalog allows you to either place orders and download the readily available geospatial datasets or acquire fresh datasets through tasking operations.

After selecting the datasets that suit your needs, you can purchase from the catalog and download the assets from storage. The delivery time can range from a few minutes to 24 hours, depending on the image archive type (long-term or online archive).

This section is focused on archive geospatial datasets. To continue with tasking geospatial datasets, please refer to Tasking.

Geospatial datasets

The archive geospatial datasets available on the catalog are displayed in the table below.

Geospatial datasetRadiometric processing LevelSpatial resolution [m]Price
Pléiades NeoDisplay0.31800 credits per km2
0.51000 credits per km2
SPOT 6/7Analytic
1.5380 credits per km2
0.8600 credits per km2

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