Data delivery

Monitor the status of your geospatial data orders and download assets.


In this guide, you will learn how to monitor the orders that you previously placed on the catalog and download assets. The ordering process and the delivery time of your assets depend on the usage type (Purchase and Processing). For more information, please refer to Search filters.

Monitor order status

After placing the order, the status of your order is displayed in Storage icon Storage. Click on the Storage tab Orders to see a list of your orders and the status (In Progress or Completed).

storage orders
Storage dashboard - Orders

Download data

After the order is completed, open the tab Data and download the assets from the column Actions. An asset is a unique item associated to a successful order and it contains the downloadable geospatial dataset.

storage data
Storage dashboard - Data

Congratulations! You successfully purchased data by placing orders, downloaded assets and added images to your workflows for further analysis using the catalog. To view all the orders and assets, please go to Storage.