Generates a binary flood mask from SPOT and Pléiades images.


For more information, please read the block description.

Block type: PROCESSING

This block generates a binary flood mask from SPOT and Pléiades images. Requirements:

  • Minimum two input images
  • Compatibility with SPOT and Pléiades Reflectance (Download) data, which must first be converted to GeoTIFF using either the blocks DIMAP -> GeoTIFF Conversion or Pan-sharpening SPOT/Pléiades

For more details, please refer to Example usage

Supported parameters

This block takes no input parameters.

Example usage

For the Floodfinder block we strongly recommend working with ids to have better control over the images output by the preceding Data Block and select at least one flooded image. When using more than 2 input images, the flooded image should be the first element in the ids list. If you are not using ids, we suggest using the geometry filter contains.

Example running the full Floodfinder workflow with ids: Pleiades Download block, DIMAP -> GeoTIFF Conversion, and UP42 Waterfinder:

  "oneatlas-pleiades-fullscene:1": {
    "ids": [
    "time": "2018-01-01T00:00:00+00:00/2020-12-31T23:59:59+00:00",
    "limit": 1,
    "asset_ids": null,
    "time_series": null,
    "max_cloud_cover": 100,
    "bbox": [
  "pansharpen:1": {
    "bbox": null,
    "method": "SFIM",
    "contains": null,
    "intersects": null,
    "clip_to_aoi": false,
    "include_pan": false
  "up42-waterfinder-flood:1": {}

Output format

The output imagery is in Geotiff.