Processing Blocks

Enhance your data with best-in-class processing algorithms.

DIMAP -> GeoTIFF ConversionConverts an image from DIMAP to GeoTIFF.
Export data (Raster)Exports the raster output generated from data or processing blocks to a GCS/AWS bucket.
Export data (Vector)Exports the vector output generated from data or processing blocks to a GCS/AWS bucket.
FloodfinderGenerates a binary flood mask from SPOT and Pléiades images.
K-means ClusteringProvides a k-means clustering algorithm.
Land Cover Classifier for Pléiades/SPOT Assigns each of the input image pixels to a land cover class.
NDVIComputes the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index from Pléiades, SPOT or Hexagon images.
NDVI ThresholdApplies thresholding for NDVI values.
NetCDF -> GeoTIFF ConversionConverts NetCDF into the GeoTIFF file format
OneAtlas cloud maskExtract cloud masks from SPOT and Pléiades images
Pan-sharpeningPan-sharpens Pleiades, SPOT, and Sentinel-2 images using the panchromatic band.
Raster CRS ConversionConverts the image coordinate system to another one.
Raster TilingSplits images into tiles ready for consumption by machine learning algorithms.
Raster Zonal StatisticsComputes zonal statistics (e.g. mean, max, standard deviation, etc) for an input image or zoning map.
Sentinel-2 Super-resolutionUpscales all Sentinel-2 image bands to 10m resolution.
Sentinel-5P Level-3 ProcessorConverts Sentinel-5P Level-2 to Level-3 products.
Sharpening FilterEnhances the sharpness of a satellite image by applying an Unsharp Masking Algorithm.
Ship IdentificationAnnotates ship geometry features detected by the Ship Detection block.
Super-resolution Pléiades/SPOT Quadruples the perceived image resolution of Pléiades and SPOT images
TerraSAR GeoTIFF conversionConverts TerraSAR-X EEC images to GeoTIFF format.
UP42 Count ObjectsComputes the number of geometry features and geometry types extracted by other processing blocks.
UP42 SNAP Sentinel-1 Polarimetric ProcessingProvides a SNAP polarimetric processing workflow that is applied on SAR scenes in SAFE format.
UP42 Time Series Image StatisticsApply image statistics on a stack of rasters
VectorizationConverts raster data into vector data.
WaterfinderGenerates a binary water mask from SPOT and Pléiades images.