Invite your team members to the admin account and share data and results with each other.


Workspaces are intended for organizations. This article assumes that each organization member created an UP42 business account. To sign up, please visit the article Create an UP42 account.

Once the organization members have created UP42 business accounts, they can be added as users to a unique UP42 admin account.


Workspaces allow sharing of resources within an organization. The advantages of using workspaces are the following:

  • Each team member can switch between workspaces and view projects, workflows, job runs and outputs of other colleagues.
  • UP42 credits are shared with all team members of an organization.
  • The compliance status is shared within the organization.

The 10,000 UP42 sign-up credits will be allocated per admin account and not per user.

Workspace ID

In order to find the workspace ID, there are two methods:

  1. Go to the console URL and extract the workspace ID after ?workspace=.
  • URL format: https://console.up42.com/?workspace={workspace-id}

  • workspace ID example: 2cb2e068-b183-4a02-add6-5b0cfc608444

  1. Go to the Contact section and get the workspace ID which appears in the field User ID (see screenshot below).

account management contact

How to use workspaces

To edit your workspace and explore other workspaces, please follow the steps below:

1. Open your workspace

workspace navigation
Go to the console and click on your workspace.

2. Settings

workspace settings
In the Settings tab, rename your workspace and click Update Workspace.

3. Environments

workspace environments
In the Environments tab, add environmental variables.

4. View other workspaces

workspace navigation switch workspace
To view a colleague's workspace, click on Switch Workspace.