Account types

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This article explains the difference between personal and business accounts. Before signing up, learn more about the advantages of each account type and choose the account that suits your needs.

Personal accounts

If you want to explore our platform for personal use and do not intend to build products or solutions for a business, then we recommend signing up with a personal account.

A personal account is a single-user account, so you will not be able to share data or collaborate with other users within this account type.

Personal accounts can only access commercial data after filling out a commercial access form that is sent to the customer support team. After evaluating the commercial access form, the team will come back to you with the approval (if granted). For more information, please refer to Get access to commercial data.

Business accounts

If you want to use our platform to build products within your organisation or build solutions for your customers, we recommend signing up with a business account.

A business account is a multi-user account. As an admin user, ensure that you invite your team members to join your UP42 account, and collaborate with each other by sharing data, algorithms and results from your workspaces.

In order to issue invoices according to the EU and national rules, providing tax information is mandatory for business accounts. If your company address is registered in Europe, please make sure that your business account is associated with a valid VAT number. If your company address is registered outside Europe, please provide a Tax Certificate, a Tax Identification Number (TIN) or an equivalent tax identifier from your country.

If a company does not provide any tax information, it will not be possible to finalize the credit purchase with UP42.

Advantages of business accounts

The table below summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of signing up as a personal or business account.

FeaturesPersonal accountBusiness account
Commercial data accessaccess request form is needed
Share credits between users
Share compliance status between users
View workspaces of other users
(projects, workflows, jobs or data delivered in storage)
Add team members to the admin account

Switch account types

Currently, you cannot change the account type from your account settings. If you would like to request an account type change, please contact support.

To proceed with creating an account, please go to sign up.